The run of April 19th through 22nd is without a doubt a holiday stretch on par with Christmas and New Years with Hanukkah running in between for good measure.

At least to Cudi and us.

April 19th - Bicycle Day - the day Albert Hoffman discovered LSD.
April 20th - 4/20. A classic mood at this point. The weed smoker’s Fourth of July.
April 21st - Fungi Day. Psilocybin. Check. More psychedelics. Ooookay. 
April 22nd - Earth Day. Mad love for mother earth after partaking in all of these activities.

We at We Are: The Guard do not necessarily condone that our readers follow this calendar guide, but if they were to… there is perhaps no artist more suited to extended listening for this entire four day stretch than Kid Cudi. We know Cudi blazes, with songs like “Marijuana” and “I Be High” and an album entitled The Lonely Stoner (plus that’s definitely a blunt on the cover art for this single release, right?). So a 4/20 listening party is right on the money. It is much less of a widely-known fact that Cudi was (self-admittedly) tripping on LSD while dancing to MGMT at Coachella. If Cudi likes to get heady, then what perfect timing for new music from the superstar. 



“Leader of the Delinquents” is quintessential Cudi. A smoky, moody, jazzy beat with a laidback confident flow on top and playful lyrics that make you think a little harder than you intended. He’s grown up now. No longer that punk kid anymore who once got MGMT and Ratatat on a track together. No. Now he’s someone to look up to.

Cudi, in this confusing time, has taken the mantle of leadership for all of the delinquents of the world. Like a pied piper of psychedelic hip hop. So what will me and the rest of the maladjusted delinquents do? I guess partake in some Cudi-like activities over this holiday stretch.

When Cudi hits the chorus and “delinquents” echoes and repeats, it's all the right kind of trippy. So why not partake in whatever makes you and yours happy, throw some headphones on, and let this one give you a bit of a brain massage. 

Hopefully Kid Cudi will also be celebrating Earth Day with us come Wednesday.  With a track this good, we all ought to praise Mother Earth. 


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