Kim Kardashian - Music Video Epic Fail


Kim Kardashian is determined to be a pop/urban/music star.  It's not enough that she's famous for nothing...well ok, that big ass deserves to be famous.  I'm not denying the props there but what the fuck kind of world do we live in where Kim Kardashian is allowed to make music.  Don't we have music police somewhere?  If not, I'm creating that division.  Oh, maybe I already have with BitCandy...Kim you're a POSER.   "Turn Me Up" more like "Turn Me Off and Pee on my Speakers." 

Furthermore Kim said she's not making money on this and all proceeds going to charity.  Kim, why don't you do something charitable for us and STOP MAKING MUSIC! 

But what's worse is the amazing team of Tricky Stewart and The Dream have lowered their standards to whore out there talents here.  Have Tricky and Dream jumped the shark?


We'll have to ask Fonzie.  Fonzie, what do you think (you can let us know after you jump the shark).