Best New Tracks: Koda "Staying"


Koda "Staying" is one of those cool songs that just puts you at ease regardless of what you're going through. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and make it my official song to listen to after a sh*t day.

The tranquil sounds of Koda reminded us of Bon Iver, Perfume Genius, and fellow BNTer RY X. On "Staying," Jordan Sudak displays his pristine vocals. Seriously, dude's voice is so pure that you'd think he'd never smoked, or even had anything with carbonation in it to drink. There's also some intricate guitar work that bookends the song, as well as a haunting piece of piano to really smooth things out. What a wonderful track to remind us all how light our burdens really are.

Listen to Koda "Staying" and get ready for a moment of Zen to find your beach to relax:

"Staying" is available for free download here. Koda's debut EP Myrina is out now via Silk Sofa Music. You can pick it up over at Beatport.

You can find the not-so-subtly Christian lyrics for Koda "Staying" below:

as winter takes me now
 of cold and clammy skin 
a barren empty womb 
as i am born again
it's pulling at my hair
 and crawling all within
 a gentle beating heart 
is swept away by sin
the monster in your head
 won't surface again 
be still my child
 wash away the sin
and i as future kings
 walk off the edge
 hold me by my name
 hold me til the end

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where the monsters in our head will surface again.