Do you remember what it’s like sitting at a bar sipping on a chilled chardonnay as you stare into the sunset and enjoy snapping selfies during the golden hour? Neither can I, but Korean indie duo 92914 comes hella close to reminding us about that feeling of outside freedom we once had. Prior to the masks and gloves, and paranoia of getting sick there was a time where music like “Okinawa,” the band’s first single, was able to be played and enjoyed on a breezy summer night.


92914 - OKINAWA

Like the fine wine mentioned at the beginning of this post. 92914’s sound is for those with refined taste. Though “Okinawa” first appeared back in 2018 … 2020 seems to be its second wind, the one that makes it sail into more playlists and land into the ears of those in need of a well-deserved break.

Similarities of the acoustics can be compared to those of John Meyer’s guitar-like sound pre-Taylor Swift, with the exception that there is a much deeper level of coolness with a vibe that soothes the soul.

How is it that a song so simple has the power to completely shake you out of a crappy state of mind?! I don’t know but I know you and I can use more of it.

More you say?!


I, in fact, do have more for you all. Well, it’s more of a selfish act because I’m doing it mainly for my enjoyment. Heck, it’s a whole heck of a lot cheaper than therapy. No PTSD for me or you because 92914 is helping us all with another spoonful of joy.


92914 - SUNSET

“Sunset” strums along the same vein as “Okinawa.” It’s serene ambiance loops around the repeated lyrics “When I watch you in the sunset / It's for you and I / It's for you and I.” What 92914 has created is a sound that lures us in like light to moths. The simplicity is so powerful .... powerful enough to make even the saddest of people crack a smile.

While there’s not much information out on the internet regarding the duo the little that we do have keeps us craving more of their sound.

Here are more tunes from the Korean Indie duo 92914.

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