London-by-way-of-Ghana artist, Kwabs, is backing up the praise and proclamations of impending stardom being thrown his way with his top new song, "Brother."

As the third track released on his forthcoming EP, Pray For Love, "Brother" is a minimalistic departure from previous blog-favoriters "Something Right" and "Pray For Love." Most everything else is stripped away and all that's lost is Kwabs booming baritone and fragile piano. His soulful vocals more than carry the song, they propel it, adding another layer of intrigue to an artist whom most every already agrees is one of the most promising talents in the genre. There's something sad and forlorn in both the lyrics and music here. It's simultaneously breaking and mending my heart. Kwabs' voice is literally that good.

Hear it for yourself below:



Kwabs' Pray For Love EP is out May 20. Pre-orders are currently being taken over at iTunes.

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