Dystopian pop has probably always been a thing. But if you’re gonna buy stock in one genre really exploding the next decade-plus, this one certainly has to be it.

Which brings us to “Peachy Keen,” the latest single from L Devine, a masterclass on how to write some beautifully bleak shit.



Few things are bleaker than the 80’s, which is why the English songstress borrowed the riff from Kim Carnes' hit, “Bette Davis Eyes.” Devine expanded on this idea in a statement on the track.

"‘I loved the idea of combining this huge ‘80s synth line with a heavy trap beat and writing lyrics about the most angsty millennial relationship I could think of. Peachy Keen is about two people who have so many of their own problems and no real way of coping with them but find comfort in the fact that at least they’re both messed up together.”

To counterbalance the nostalgia, the song borrows heavily from PC Pop but has enough sense not to let the electronics overpower the proceedings. A dark, bassy backbone rounds out the soundscape. Devine’s vocals can accurately be described as desperately optimistic. Like her musical hero Brian Wilson, she has an acute knack for mixing darkness and light. 

“Peachy Keen” is a song overflowing with memorable pop hooks matched with despondent lyrics about how escaping reality together is one of the few reasons left to hope. 

Perfect song for 2019.

Along with the new single, L Devine confirmed a series of dates tour dates in the UK next May. Since that’s over six months away, it’s highly likely there are more new tunes on the way between now and then.


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