"Hair" - Lady Gaga Runs Out Of Songs


Yes, it's finally here.  The anticipation is sizzling and here's the sneak peak (ohh...such a sneak peak it's even from Lady Gaga's Vevo account) of Lady Gaga's new single "Hair."  

It's also Lady Gaga's 1st major MISS.

Shockingly (or not) the 1st few singles "Born This Way" and "Judas" have actually been underwhelming expectations and sales even as the songs are topping the charts.  Hmm....Did Lady Gaga shoot her load on the 1st album?  Could be.  

Because this is just simply an album cut...it's not a hit.  I'm predicting that even the Little Monsters won't be able to help her out on this one.
But it could be we have more to expect on this album.  But I think the most exciting thing happening here on LP # 2 is .. wait for it...wait for it...Lady Gaga giving her album away for FREE with the launch / of Google Music Service?!    Nope no inside information here...but at the same time...I'm predicting it.  I just feel like there's going to be some type of announcement coming up of....like...Download Google's new 'Music in the Cloud' service and get Lady Gaga's album preloaded free.  
But getting back to music....Let's hope there are better songs forthcoming.  If not, maybe someone's been drinking the cool aid too much?   
Oh, and can we get that Cool Aid video again?  Oh Thanks.