It’s like a major cultural event every time one of Lane 8’s seasonal mixtapes are released. Two, three, four hours--whatever he’s feeling really-- of intricately woven deep-mood ethereal house music. (Simply calling him deep house seems unfair, because Lane 8 feels eons beyond genre, like off in a realm of his own creation that we mere mortals are lucky to even be able to glimpse). These mixes are traditionally lost in the groove, chilling to the maximum degree with beautiful songs and wide-open transitions.

Seriously, people come out of the woodwork to send me links to the new Lane 8 mixtapes. People that last time we spoke were going on tour with Slipknot, and have now been full-on converted into respectable electronic music listeners. Lane 8 has that power over people.

So when he releases new original music we pay attention.

Lane 8 isn’t the kind of one-trick pony DJ who’s better on the mix than he is in the studio. Not even close. The man cooks up nothing but solid jams every single time. A proper awareness of what makes people move and feel and feel moved. Who says there’s no emotion to music made on a computer? Not us.


“Just” sees Daniel Goldstein flexing his chops before his biggest year yet. 2020 has got Lane 8 heading on a massive headlining tour across America to promote his upcoming third LP, Brightest Lights. He’s got dates at both weekends of Coachella where we will surely wow the Polo Fields with his completely immersive world-building live performances, followed by a European tour come summer. It’s been Lane 8’s world for a couple of years now, but now we’re seeing major moves for everybody else to catch on.

If “Just” is your introduction the Anjunadeep stalwart, welcome.

It’s a little bit spacey, a bit progressive, and all the way everything you needed in your life that you didn’t know you needed. A return to the progressive house roots that helped blow EDM up, but with a flair that’s uniquely Lane 8.

When the song finally breaks three and a half minutes in, it’s the kind of catharsis that dance music is about. Throw your arms up and release all your cares to the world.