When I was fifteen I definitely wasn’t as remotely cool as Lewis Blissett. I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, eating waffles and fighting monsters from other dimensions (no, wait, that’s the Stranger Things kids). I know age is just a number, but come on! Like what crazy world do we live in that a preteen can show up on The Voice Kids (in the UK (he was thirteen)) and blow up via social media into a full-on sensation by the time he’s a freshman in high school? Pretty awesome, right? Really just goes to show that anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it.

This is a dark pop song ready for just about all audiences. It’s catchy, with brilliant production and a uniquely original voice. Lewis Blissett sounds much older than his age (maybe its wisdom?).  I can see this one being absolutely everywhere in a matter of time.  It’s radio-friendly, but also on the verge of taking EDM audiences by storm. What a lethal combo.



“Killing Butterflies” is a banger in the making. With huge production design (but minimal production) from SIBA (Charli XCX), this song is READY for the remix. These stems are so simple, and thus so easy to mess around with, that I’m sure every mainstage DJ from Tiesto to every DJ younger than Tiesto (aka most of them) could likely turn (and probably already is turning) this one into a series of massive remixes ready to tear up dance floors across the world. This emotionally resonant tune should soon have mass quantities of people screaming along with these lyrics. Soon, the phrase killing butterflies will become as ubiquitous as saving the world or not worrying child.  All that from a fifteen-year-old? Where the hell did I go wrong? What am I doing here writing about this?

Check out the B-Side “Sick Thoughts” for more. Here, Blissett demonstrates further vocal range.


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