Started as a YouTuber and now he’s here. Yes, Lewis Blissett, the Londoner known for doing covers has finally released an original piece and it’s siiiick, but in the hawt kind of way and not in a “Sick Thoughts” kind of way.

Those who have been following Blissett’s journey would have assumed that if he ever did an original it would be a total pop banger a la Ariana Grande. But that’s not the case here. Lewis knew we would all be wearing wigs, so he decided to drop something so dark it would yank our luscious blue locks right off our scalps.



The 15-year old’s single comes as a response to all the online haters who love to hate just for the sake of hating. So I guess we should be thanking the haters for without them we wouldn’t have been given such a dark delicious banger.


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