I hope you've got some kleenex handy, and not for the normal reason you would when surfing the web. No, you'll need those kleenex this time around because Little Comets' best new track, "Salt (Acoustic)," is an emotional roller coaster.

A stripped-down version of the title track off the English trio's upcoming EP, "Salt (Acoustic)" tells the heartbreaking true story of Daniel Pelka, a 4 year old boy killed by his mother and often abused partner. Little Comets lead singer Robert Coles explained why he wrote the song and the process it took about as eloquently as you could on the band's official site. Here's my take for those of you who like your news secondhand: Coles set out to blame the heartbreaking case of Pelka on social work and the like, but slowly began to realize that this was more than just one institution letting the boy down, it was something systemic to the culture at large. It's a highly emotive, angry, and confused song. Hearing it leaves you feeling raw and unsettled. The acoustic version really hammers home the song's melancholy.

Take a listen to this powerful song below:



Salt EP is due out 6.16.14. Get your pre-order on here.

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