Frequent readers of our Best of Indie Pop lists will already be familiar with the work of New York-based duo Loote. But for you newcomers, it’s time to start getting excited about the music of Emma Lov Block and Jackson Foote.

Their latest single, “This Is How U Feel”, is a masterclass of breezy, futuristic dance-pop. It’s highly appropriate that this song emerged right as the calendar turns to March and the dethawing of the northern hemisphere begins in earnest.

“This Is How U Feel” is unequivocally a song about the infamous honeymoon period of a relationship. Sonically it perfectly encapsulates those moments in which it feels like the only thing that matters is spending more time with the person you’re currently falling ass-over-tea-kettle for. Combine it with some urgent lyrics that wonderfully extrapolate all those borderline-cringe feelings that accompany falling in love, and well, you’ve got a stew going.

And folks, if you’re not willing to break the law and lie to the police maximize your time with your boo, why are you even bothering with that relationship in the first place?

Thank you Loote for reminding us of that very important message via this incredible song



For a pairing whose career began by writing jingles for commercials and children's television networks, as well as smash hits for more established artists, Loote really seems to be hitting their stride.

“This Is How U Feel” feels like the start of something bigger. Block and Foote have their first headlining tour coming up this spring, meaning there’s likely more new music on the way before then.

These two are just starting to cook what could be a very long and satisfying meal.


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