Every once in a while a “dad joke” comes along that’s good enough to result in a band name, and that is exactly what happened with 23 year old David Burns when he started making music under the name LOW CUT HIGH TOPS in early 2015. David decided to go with the name after hearing his dad mock his brother’s shoe-addiction, and has since been writing, recording, producing, mixing and playing everything himself— Because who needs a band anyway?

The art-school drop out is a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to writing music that’s edgy, fresh, and ridiculously fun, which makes David’s new album Eh, Whatever one of our absolute favorite new releases of the year! Luckily, we’re friends with David and he’s been awesome enough to allow us to offer a limited time free download of his new album!

The album is jam packed full of infectious melodies, memorable lyrics, and awesomely lo-fi guitar that makes for a totally energetic (and kind of insane) listening experience that you’ll keep coming back to.



His track “Red Lipstick” first grabbed our attention late last year with his bratty yet inviting vocals drawing you in with “alright okay/ alright alright okay,” over scratchy guitars and jarring drum beats that has had us hooked ever since. Tracks like “Good Day” put you in a retro-infused haze (and it just so happens to be one of my favorites), while “Raise Hell” brings out his contagious garage-rock sound that your Arctic Monkeys-loving girlfriend will totally love.

All in all, David’s really into girls, smoking and sex, and Eh, Whatever is the lo-fi indie/garage rock album that the music world has been lacking. So stop what you’re doing and pause whatever you’re already listening to, and go ahead and download what is soon to be your latest obsession FOR FREE.

And after you snag your free download of Eh, Whatever, be sure to show LOW CUT HIGH TOPS some love by liking David’s Facebook page!


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