Best New Video | Major Lazer - Scare Me


Tired of drawn out action movies that leave you bored, confused and all around crabby? Looking for something that unpredictable, entertaining and far out, man? Well fuck, this new jam from Diplo’s dream team Major Lazer has it all. It even features Blake Anderson!

It’s hard to decide what kicks more ass, the video or the track, because both these suckers are off the chain. If you’re a comic book freak who just can’t get into these high budget pieces of crap that Hollywood is producing lately, then here’s something to finally get excited about. Let’s get real, this is probably the best action film I’ve seen all year, and it’s not even a film.

Now get an extra pair of pants ready, because here’s the official video for Scare Me feat. Peaches & Timberlee:

How’s that for a brain-jiggling experience? I can hear this track ripping up the clubs already. And could that last scene be a hint to a follow up? I hope so!  p.s. tell me if you spot Peaches either a) in the video or b) on the song.  Did she vanish or what?