If you’re the kind of music lover who likes it when bands blend pop and electronic music, but actually play their instruments live and craft songs that are more memorable than your average club hit, than you need to look no further than Metronomy. (Well you should also probably check out CRSSD Festival in San Diego, but the odds that Metronomy will be playing soon are 100%). But all that aside, starting here would be a huge mistake, because this English five-piece have been making JAMS (raspberry, strawberry, smuckers, you name it) for years now and at this point there’s a whole back catalogue of hits that’ll make you wanna dance around the apartment with your friends, family, really whoever you know who’s down to get down.


“Salted Caramel Ice Cream” sees the band channeling the Scissor Sisters and Prince simultaneously, which is an impressive feat in its own right.  This track perfectly blends crafty, clever pop with mellow funk and should have the whole world getting down. That is if this one ends up in the right Spotify playlist. (ours?)

It’s summer, and what’s better than Ice Cream? I’m picturing this one blasting out of Jeep windows after groups of gals or guys get themselves some salted caramel cones and talk about their crushes. This is one the whole squad can belt out, with a flute breakdown that would even make Jethro Tull jealous.  Where’s the Lizzo remix?

Metronomy are master songwriters. May this be your gateway to many amazing tracks. Seriously, dive in head first. Metronomy Forever drops in September. Can you even wait for ten more songs along this line? I know we can’t.

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