Metropolis - Indie Electronic album of 2012


Hi. Welcome to THE electronic indie album if 2012.  And who might that be?  Ahh, I'm glad you asked.  It's am amazing project called Metropolis.  But...not that this post is going to do you much good for the next few months cuz...1) this artist isn't even signed and 2) none of the music is released...but...I found this little mini sampler of the forthcoming album.

Metropolis sound picks up right about where The Knife's "Silent Shout" album left off. And that's saying a lot.  The combination of hard hitting industrial electronic with a whole new fresh, next level vibe awesomely paired with delicate Bjork meets Karin Andersson (of The Knife) vocals (though about 50% of the album are purely instrumentals)...ranging form mid tempos to straight uptempo anthems and yes, incredible songs...there's no doubt to us that Metropolis is going to dominate 2012.
Key songs off the album (um yes we have heard it) are "Immigrants," "Ascension," "Black," "Glow," "Promise Me A Rose Garden" among pretty much the entire album.  
When we do our official review this will certainly be one of (if not the) highest rated album we'll post in 2011 (or 2012).