Best New Tracks: M.I.A. "Y.A.L.A." + "Come Walk with Me"


Despite the concerns we raised back in July when we brought you her latest single, "Bring The Noize," M.I.A.'s long awaited new album Matangi finally has a release date. And more to that, we've finally heard more of Matangi, including today's top new songs, "Y.A.L.A." and "Come Walk With Me."

We'll address "Y.A.L.A." first, which is an obvious play off "YOLO." In the ninety seconds Maya was gracious enough to share with the world, she spits what everyone has been trying to say about this fundamentally retarded You Only Live Once craze, or at least she did on Twitter.

MIA tweet

The song itself is a tremendous piece of genre-melding. I do believe it's the most EDM influenced M.I.A. track I've heard. Judge for yourself.

Listen to M.I.A. "Y.A.L.A." below:

"Come Walk with Me" is very laid back compared to everything else we've heard from Matangi. In it, Maya reflects on the complexities of relationships in the digital age. She also has a lovely way of saying how our expectations tend to settle-down and become more realistic as we grow older. "You ain't gotta shake it, just walk with me."

Hear M.I.A. "Come Walk with Me."

Interscope is slated to release Matangi on November 5th, so everybody hold your breath until then. Hopefully everyone we'll play nice and we'll finally be able to hear the record.

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