Language is a fragile, crooked, and inefficient means of communication. It’s a highly volatile beast that is 1000% contextual and meaning can get lost in a myriad of ways. “Words are making a mess out of these thoughts I’m thinking,” and so on and so forth.

Considering all this, what does it really mean to say that Miro’s “Voices” is a chill track? Would calling it a hybrid of Moby and Tycho with a hint of ASMR get the point across?

There are likely unanswerable and ultimately unimportant questions. Life is a feeling process. It’s an undeniably chill song, but that seems ludicrously incomplete. Not everything needs to be compartmentalized and labeled. When listening to a lush, serene soundscape like “Voices” the zen-like calm that overtakes you is unmistakable. Even if you can’t find the right words to describe it.

“Voices” is beautifully constructed and moving piece of music. Anchored by idyllic piano and flanked by reverb and delay drenched synth, the track floats and weaves itself into an indelible groove. It’s the type of song you can drift away and get lost in. The 8+ minutes don’t fly by, but they’ve passed before you realized because of how transfixing it is. This isn’t so much a song as it is a new world for you to explore.

Find out for yourself below.


Monty Hancock is a composer, pianist, and producer from South England. He’s been making music since 2011. Occasionally he’ll put out work under his original monkieer Xeuphoria, although the split between that act and Miro is murky at best.

“Voices” is the title track off the latest Miro EP, released this past March on BlueBedroomRecords. Hancock also has some incredible remixes of the likes of Billie Eilish and Porter Robinson. Head over to his Soundcloud to check those out.

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