Daughters of Noise! might just be the whole package. 

Big, funky, electro, danceable, female-led (and written) pop tunes. This is simultaneously retro and so far in the future it’s like is it 2023 already or what? Did we hop in a time machine and fast-forward to the exact future from Back to the Future II?  'Cause it sure feels like it. 

This indie dance project comes from Coco Morier and Arama, who have previously worked with a comprehensive list of pretty much every single one of our favorite artists. Coco Morier is a songwriter who has written for Brittney, Demi, Ellie and Icona Pop. Arama’s vocals have been featured on tracks from Major Lazer and TOKiMONSTA. Clout cred certified. 



Now how 'bout y’all just give me tracks from these two and these two alone from here on out. Because Daughters of Noise! are legit as it gets, and I like this unique brand of world music inspired disco-pop even more than the superstars they came up with. C’mon, in this economy, giant mega pop stars are a thing of the past. Let’s make way for duos with fresh sounds and killer ideas. May Daughters of Noise! lead the revolution toward whatever hybrid genre the other blogs decide to call this.

“2023” is one hell of a funky jam. One that has the potential for radio play and major remix treatment (hello? Dillon Francis? This reminds me of your version of CSS’ “Hits Me Like a Rock.” Could this be an update for the new age?) This track is as catchy as catchy gets while being unable to nail down precisely which of the many production flairs is our favorite. 

When the futuristic robots come in to provide backing vocals for the chorus, we’re fully in, begging for the image of a better time--- four years from now when we’ve solved the climate crisis, nightmare politics and how to get robots to actually be able to sing. 2023 sounds pretty good to me.


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