The #metoo movement is a long-overdue reckoning for a society that seems to be having a cartoonish number of long-overdue reckonings at once. Since the movement began to gain international attention in the Fall of 2017, survivors have been telling stories that highlight the frequency and ubiquity of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse in the modern world.

The only thing more horrifying than these stories are the seemingly unending nature of them. Each news cycle brings another round of powerful men doing unspeakable things to the vulnerable. Another catalog of atrocities. It’s hard to keep up, let alone muster the outrage and energy necessary to make lasting change and build a more decent society.

Lola Blanc is here to make sure you don’t become static. Premiering today, her video for her single “Angry Too” is part protest song, part rallying cry. It’s a direct response to the #metoo movement and a needed reminder.


In a statement, Blanc had this to say about the track:

“I was so mad at the men, at their enablers, at myself, at the system and culture that had normalized more subtle, insidious kinds of victimizations. So I'd gone into the studio with Bleu McAuley and all this rage came out of me."

The song starts inconspicuously with some off-kilter piano keys. Blanc’s vocals practically snarl, each word laced with righteous fury. Her energy and anger are so infectious, and the song so catching, one can almost get lost in the music and forget the purpose behind it.

"Does it get your blood boiling?” she asks repeatedly on the chorus. And in her phrasing, there seems to lie another question: If this doesn’t, what will?

“Angry Too” is her first solo work since her debut EP The Magic. Here’s to hoping there’s more to come.