“... I robbed you blind, and I robbed you clean.” Brooklyn-based electronic/R&B duo BLKKATHY are back, and they weren’t lying when they sang about robbing us clean. Not only are Kate Faust and Kate Linhardt releasing their long awaited full length debut album this year, they’ve also dropped a stunning video for their intoxicating single, “Rob You,” which we are stoked to premiere here on BitCandy.

Haunting? Absolutely! Would you be crazy not to love both the video and the track? Obviously yes, what’s not to love?! Directed by Derrick Belcham, “Rob You” is cinematically beautiful. It’s possessed with something all too familiar with; a reflection we can relate to when we open ourselves emotionally to another being.

Sonically speaking, heavy bass beats and pop hooks underlie their essential vulnerability while confrontational lyricism and unlikely melodies allow listeners an intimacy that is rare in contemporary music, the kind of candor that can make you both uncomfortable and excited.



Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud as you eagerly await their debut album.


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