Cable. Saint Punk. Swear Words.

Get to know these names now because after a release like this they’re absolutely on that fast track to every imaginable version of the big league rise. MXMS (or as they are colloquially known, me and my shadow) have granted us with a remix EP of their song “Gravedigger” that’s so furious and beautiful it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Every corner of dark bass music is covered for every kind of music fan. If there’s not a version for you on this pack, then we don’t know what to say… Get better taste, maybe?

The original carries hints of industrial and electropop that meld together into something so dark and unique that its been in our rotation all year. Just as we were starting to consider phasing it out of our playlists, along comes three remixes that guarantee its inclusion til this time in 2020. 



Cable’s remix is muted, but that ain’t a bad thing. He opts for a more trance or house vibe (somewhere in between)  while keeping a deadlocked hold on the dark, grinding bass that makes the original so special. Cable captures the energy of the original while transforming the song into something completely new. That’s not an easy feat, folks.



Play this one on the biggest stage you possibly can. Saint Punk pitch shifts up the hook so it’s almost unrecognizable, ramping the beats per minute up significantly. When this song drops it’s a shufflers paradise, with a big room breakbeat sound that will get the whole place bouncing. Bass house is on top of the world right now, and if I don’t start hearing this remix out in more sets I’m gonna be like “WTF?” and everyone else is gonna be like, “I know, right?”



Then Swear Words rounds out the EP with the darkest version yet, implementing aspects of dubstep and trap to turn this one into something for those who like their dark music darker than just regular dark. While Saint Punk and Cable liven up the mood a little bit, Swear Words stays truth to the goth-pop that MXMS finds so sexy. This is the version for those who want to brood in headphones and think about how much they hate the world and everyone in it. 


The Gravedigger Remixes, Vol 1 EP drops today on We Are: The Guard. Give it a listen wherever you stream, and cop a download if you are so inclined to spin any of these in your DJ sets. Come on we know you wanna. These are club ready af.


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