It’s MXMS week over here at We Are: The Guard. Seriously, check the socials, we’re cheesin’ on this like philly steak. Celebration is in order for their massive remix EP coming soon thanks to your favorite blog/label/curators. The duo of Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson have dropped their goth pop belter, “Gravedigger,” into the inboxes of a couple of our favorite producers, returning nothing but sheer electro bass gold.

Today marks the internet drop of Swear Words’ vicious trap-goth remix of what was already one of our favorite tracks in the world, made only better by alternate versions for any mood and/or situation. This remix comes for people who stopped giving a fuck a quarter of a century ago and want to get down to halftime bass music that’s more about the sway than energy. This is the kind of banger played only in underground sewer raves, where upon entering, you’re not entirely sure if you’ll make it out or just choose to live there forever. At any moment the vampires could unleash their fangs and spread your blood across the dancefloor, eternally indebting you to the music of Swear Words. Swear Words are your leader now.



Who knew that the original could get even darker? For an act that dubs themselves “funeral pop,” I should have known better than to doubt their commitment to the dark arts. Hail Satan, Bathe in Blood, Curse the Familial lines of your Enemies. MXMS have committed deeply in reminding the world that there’s a dark underbelly to this music scene and many of us thrive in it. Swear Words’ remix belongs in an RL Grime set (or any of the other dark bass trap gods, though Grime might just be King rn), right at the point where wants to unnerve his fans, and remind them that only in being alive, can they truly understand the darkness.

You can stream or download Swear Words' remix of “Gravedigger” here:

Pre-save MXMS’s EP, Gravedigger Remixes Vol.1 here:


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