We’ve brought to you "What's My Name" by MXMS a couple of times before, but they always say that third times a charm. Sometimes a song is so important that you need to keep playing it for your friends until they start talking about it on their own like they’re the ones who discovered it. Now it’s all up to you. Spread this further on our behalf.

This song has a deep hold on our soul, and it’s not looking like it’s going to let go any time soon. With its haunting lyrical content and even more haunting video images, this one has burned itself into our subconscious and we just can’t shake it. So we figure, what better to do with your demons than talk about them? (at least that’s what our therapist tells us).


The video for “What’s My Name” captures Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson in wide-open empty spaces that carry a history of pain, violence and mental health suffering. Between abandoned schools, churches, subway cars and auditoriums, it feels like nobody is safe from the harsh judgment of bullying and the literal pain of being uncomfortable in your skin. These images are captured in MXMS’ lyric video for the song, but here, in the full video, seeing Levitan hurt, screaming “I’LL BLOW OUT MY BRAINS” at the top of her lungs is something else entirely. This is a band that wears their earnestness on their sleeves, and it’s all the more rewarding to see it in direct action.  

MXMS have been quietly crafting a niche for themselves as the masters of dark pop.  Riding the line of sorrowful catchiness, the perfect middle ground that’s only been immortalized a couple of times (check Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” for reference). “What’s My Name” was initially written for World Suicide Prevention Day. A topic that needs more visibility-- so let’s bring the darkest duo on the dark web up for the task. Watch the video. Share it with those who need help. Give them hotline phone numbers. The world could be a better place if we all just came out and talked about our problems. At least MXMS are leading that charge.