Gawd, I hope you have your brains screwed in tight because Soundcloud rising rapper Nascar Aloe is proving that in this day and age we can still have our minds blown. And no, this is not fake news. Just like the steak I ate for dinner Nascar Aloe is 100% real and organic, no fillers, no preservatives.

As you’ll listen below, It’s easy to see why the 19-year-old rapper has gained over 2.3 million plays on Soundcloud in the last three months. 

It’s as if he heard our prayers and answered them by releasing unheard of genre … punK rap. 


Ok, so perhaps what he’s doing has been done before, but the self-dubbed “The New Sid Vicious” is worthy of a listen. Now, go get you some Aloe and soak yourself.


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