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Good morning America, this is the Statue of Liberty, and since I've got f*ck all else to do amid this government shut down, I thought I'd bring you today's five New Finds from BitCandy! Thank you to the Curators who helped me to discover these artists. If you think that you've got what it takes to be a Curator, then keep reading. In the meantime, I'm off for a smoke and to kick my feet in the Hudson River!



Wild Cub

“Say I told you about a tremendous new band who seamlessly integrated the nostalgic longing for youth of a John Hughes movie (or for you younger readers, an M83 song) with a blend of electro pop and 80's new wave. The now five-piece indie rockers were formed by a songwriter-composer named Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock. The name of this band is Wild Cub...”

Discovered by: Pucken


David August

“Hamburg native and current Berliner David August is one of those quirky new artists that seem to almost intentionally defy categorization. Brought to light by Curator Francis, David August lays down chunky, modulated bass lines behind sci-fi honky-tonk piano over a steady driving beat. This is saloon music for the 25th century. This is what Figrin D'an must listen to when he gets off work...”

Discovered by: Francis


Swim Deep

“Are these guys the British version of The Drums, or is there a whole new breed of hipster indie heads coming out of Birmingham? They describe their sound as sun-kissed noise and I must say, I like that shit. Give me a whole bunch of tracks that make me feel as cool as the guys singing them and I'm happy. The band is only 2 years old but they've already got just the right amount of fans...”

Discovered by: PavitB


Sailor & I

“That's 'Tough Love' for you. Except this 'Tough Love' comes from Alexander Sjodin, better known as Sailor & I. It's a captivating video and features some excellent production. But that's not even going to start talking about the song itself. The Stockholm band's single is sewn together with an absolutely fantastic framework of peaking vocal melody and enchanting string accompaniment...”

Discovered by: Francis


Sunday Morning

“Sunday Morning just happen to be from St. Petersburg and that's just how it's gonna roll today. 'Feel You,' a deep-house, nu-disco jam, also incorporates a sample from Vario Valinksi's beautiful 'Falling in Love' to add to the flavor. I'm pumped and feeling good about Russia and not starting another war today, so I'm just gonna keep pressin' repeat, and celebrate in only the most grandiose of styles...”

Discovered by: Francis


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Love the Statue of Liberty xXx

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