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Happy Halloween! This is Jack O'Lantern, here to bring you five New Finds on the scariest night of all. If Coastal Cities, Pure Bathing Culture, Gill Mantera's Party Dream, Wife or Egadz aren't on your party playlists this evening, I'll unleash a Miley Cyrus pumpkin on you. Thanks to the Curators who helped to discover these artists. If you've got what it takes to be a Curator, click here. Mwaha...




“Coastal Cities have been making waves on the local circuit with their energetic sounds. Their Think Tank EP has been invading the playlists of hordes of fans who are rediscovering their love for bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, The Talking Heads, and other indie beach pop bands of the olden days...”

Discovered by: Pucken



“Pure Bathing Culture make music that sounds like Cocteau Twins, only drenched in reverb and with more R&B principles. The music seems purposely raw, as every cut seems to have a demo feel to it. But that's not to say that Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman are untalented or sloppy musicians...”

Discovered by: Meraki



“Gil Mantera's Party Dream shows are what make the band remarkable. With flashy clothes, fruit smashing, audience harassment, and more, they've toured a couple of times with Gwar, and their act was one of the few capable of standing up to that madness, so that's the level of crazy we're talking about here...”

Discovered by: Glitch



“Wife sit somewhere between post rock and shoegazer. The sound is spartan, but hardly barren due to the fact that the band is just two guitars and a buttload of effects pedals. They have all the twinkling, brilliant beauty of an Explosions in the Sky, but without the obligatory ejaculatory crescendo...”

Discovered by: Glitch   



“This just takes 8 bit music to a whole new level. This is Egadz, possessed by the ghosts from PacMan. This is Digitalism trapped in the Tron universe, this is Crystal Castles on Dr. Mario's pills. Gaming's influence over Egadz, and vice versa, is so profound that there's actually a game based on his music...

Discovered by: BrianHadsell


...haha! If you've got what it takes to join the likes of Pucken, Meraki, Glitch and BrianHadsell, click here. If I like your style, I'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on the homepage, offer you the chance to write for the blog, and maybe even earn you some cash if I sign your New Finds. Okay, it's my busiest night of the year, I've got places to go, shit to haunt. Happy Halloween!

Love Jack O' Lantern xXx

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