Ugh, as if Mariah and Miguel weren't gross enough, I've now got to sit here and watch Kim and Kanye get it on on top of me! It's a hard life being a motorbike for hire in Hollywood, but I've got bills to pay. I thought I'd take this moment in the spotlight to bring you this week's five New Finds, courtesy of BitCandy and their Curators. If you've got what it takes to be one of those, keep reading!




“A white rapper from Chicago who combines R&B and Trap, inserting wacky lyrics like '…its like my favorite ass I've seen”? Profile pic on Soundcloud that features the artist in a Star Trek uniform while staring pensively past the photographer? Ok, Grieves, I'm intrigued...”

Discovered by: Francis



“Alex Fleming, aka Black Atlass, is a 19 year old Canadian producer/singer-songwriter with such a dapper look that high-end fashion label, Louis Vuitton, used his song 'Paris' for a short film. But don't let the 'Canadian' part turn you off. His music is alluringly gloomy...”

Discovered by: Pucken



“Ben Garrett, the 22 year old who goes by the name Fryars, is a London based electronic musician who's going to be creating a lot of buzz in the near future. I know, everyone seems to be 'electronic' these days, but this guy stands on his own and he will make you dance...”

Discovered by: Pucken



“I had concerns about Snakadaktal prior to listening to their debut, Sleep In the Water, mainly because someone thought Snakadaktal was a fitting name for a band. I should have known the best surprises are hidden in the sweet melodic offerings of weirdly-titled bands...”

Discovered by: PavitB



“There's something quite magical about Porcelain Raft's Permanent Signal: it may be the symphonic tone of the record's introductory song, or perhaps the unpredictability of every track which follows. It's difficult to say what makes it so good - it's as elusive as it is compelling...”

Discovered by: Pucken


If you've got what it takes to be a Curator, submit your favorite New Finds to BitCandy today! If they like your style, they'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on their homepage, offer you the chance to write for their blog, and maybe even earn you cash if they sign your Finds. In the meantime, I've got to clean Kimye's body fluids off in time for a shoot with Lady Gaga this evening!

Love Kanye West's motorbike xXx