So, BBC have unveiled their coveted Sound of 2014 longlist, and guess what? We've been spinning all 15 artists for months. That's how we roll here at BitCandy, not that we could do any of it without our Curators. Speaking of which, thanks to those Curators who helped us to discover this week's five New Finds, coming to a Sound of 2015 near you soon. If you'd like to be a Curator, keep on reading!




goodbye chanel

“Goodbye Chanel is like taking a dash of Explosions In The Sky, a pinch of Vampire Weekend (a small, small pinch), and topping it off with a spoonful of Washed Out. Mix it together with some sun rays and you have yourself a quite enjoyable cocktail for your listening pleasure...”

Discovered by: Pucken




“Ever wondered what it would be like if Noel Gallagher chilled out, got really into the Pixies and Deerhunter, did some psychedelic drugs, and continued making music with Oasis into 2013? Well, me neither, but that will kind of give you an idea of what SPLASHH sounds like...”

Discovered by: badkins



“I've got a feeling that only a handful of people know how to pronounce this production duo ODESZA's name correctly, because I sure as hell don't! Someone on Soundcloud called their music 'dreamcore.' Is that a thing now?! If this is what dreamcore is, I'm 100% down for it...”

Discovered by: Francis



angelo mota

“Along with being one of four 18 year olds in the known universe without a Facebook account, Angelo Mota is also a very real talent. "Jersey/Mexico" is more or less the only song to his name, but the pure, untapped potential oozing from it is enough to make any hip hop fan drool...”

Discovered by: Francis



du tonc

“Du Tonc's sound is deep and melodic. It's very catching, despite theirs songs wandering nature. The duo has seemingly Hannah Montana'd their other artistic works. Van Schie brings the electropop energy and infectiousness, while Mighty Mouse adds his disco-house stylings...”

Discovered by: Pucken


If you think you've got what it takes to join Pucken, badkins and Francis, submit your favorite New Finds today! If we like your style, we'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on our homepage, offer you the chance to write for our blog, and maybe even earn you some cash if we sign your New Finds. In the meantime, we're off to discover a bunch of artists so BBC don't have to!

Love BitCandy xXx