Cold enough for ya? This is the Polar Vortex. Started from the North Pole, now I'm here. Apologies if I messed up your hurr this week. Oh, who am I kidding? I ain't sorry. I'm the motherf*cking Polar Vortex! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, as I'm here to give them frostbite. And since I'm the top trend on Twitter, I've also been asked to sponsor this week's five New Finds from BitCandy and the Curators.




half moon run

“Mumford And Sons and Of Monsters and Men better make some room in their indie-folk superstar club because there's some new guys in town. Canadian trio, Half Moon Run, has already toured with both of those bands, and they are quickly becoming the new artists that everyone will be talking about. Thanks to the ever so cool curator, Duffster, you're getting a heads up...”

Discovered by: Duffster



menage a trois

“Ménage à Trois is a trio from Manchester that makes music 'from a place of love' If the track      'White Noise' is  any indication of what said place of love could be like, it is what many of us would consider a place of aggravating, shrilling noise. The repetitive disco rifts and inaudible vocals seem to go on forever (and ever and ever) with no particular purpose or end in sight...”

Discovered by: Duffster



cosmic quest

“California's own Brett Geiger has been busy making music that will take you on an intergalactic journey through the stars, making it impossible to imagine him going by any other name besides Cosmic Quest. This new artist started getting the EDM itch during his final semesters of college, and is now signed to Almeda, creating space age remixes as well as original material...”

Discovered by: Glitch



digital farm animals

“Digital Farm Animals is a Nu-wave British producer who infuses disco and 80s revival into infectious club tracks. 'Bugged-Out' commences with 'Adore You': a fiery ballad that would make Prince proud, combined with soulful vocals reminiscent of early Michael Jackson. The impassioned pairing of influences creates one of the dreamiest soulful sounds in modern synthpop...”

Discovered by: Duffster



minni lovelle

“Just in time for the cold, wet, winter that's pretty much already here comes Minni Lovelle (aka Yasemin Turan, when she's not serenading us) all the way from the Midlands, UK. This singer-songwriter just debuted on the scene with a three track EP that happens to be the perfect soundtrack for closing your blinds, cozying up under a pile of blankets with a hot cup of coffee...”

Discovered by: Duffster


To join the ranks of Duffster and Glitch, submit your favorite New Finds today. If BitCandy likes your style, they'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on their homepage, offer you the chance to write for their blog, and maybe even earn you some cash if they sign your New Finds. In the meantime, get your ironic earmuffs, as I've got an entire Northern Hemisphere to be f*cking up!

Love the Polar Vortex xXx

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