Greetings, humans! This is Ellen's very own Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as repeatedly featured during Sunday evening's Oscars ceremony. If you're wondering why Ellen doesn't use an iPhone 5S, it's because Apple prefer to spend their money on building quality products than on sponsoring ABC! When she isn't busy using me to take selfies with Hollywood superstars or have sexy phone calls with Portia, Ellen can be found surfing BitCandy on my browser app. So without further ado, it's an honor to present this week's five New Finds on behalf of my owner's favorite music blog!




conner youngblood

“To say that Mr. Youngblood is an interesting character would be putting it rather mildly since his music styling and soundscapes are so eclectic that they'd make even the most hipster critics have an aneurysm trying to diagnose the genre he belongs to. But if I had to make a wild guess, I'd say superepicindiedreamwavyfuturefolkmarchingbandhippityhop would be the most accurate description of what Mr. Youngblood would list in his resume to describe his music (read more...)”

Discovered by: Pucken



summer peaks

“At first glance, new artist Summer Peaks appears to be the next Josh Swartz CW show. Friends Daniel Mandrychenko, Zachary Elsasser, and Melina Duterte meet while playing in concert and jazz band during those formative teenage years known as high school. It helps that Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, where Daniel, Zach, and Melina all went, looks like it was crafted on a Hollywood soundstage (read more...)”

Discovered by: BrianHadsell




“Electro chill pop is totally in right now, and DNKL (pronounced dunkel) are the Swedish pop trio who are going to show you how it's meant to done! PROPER! They're dark, eerie and 100% heavenly, but they've only got one track out, so you'll have to wait and see what comes next. Rumor has it that it's going to be massive! Big ups to Bitcandy's legend curator Duffster for finding these dudes. I mean, how the f**k does he do it?! He must be some sort of jedi or something (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster




“There are a mere four word in the 'About' section of OCEANEAR's Facebook profile and they read 'Tales from the Ocean.' I like that sh*t. Also, they've almost completed a new album. Maybe 'Tales from the Ocean' is the title. Who knows!? Mystery is in the air and all I can hear are the incredibly, refreshingly new sounds of Scott Shepard and Eric Robertson AKA OCEANEAR. Get it? Ocean-near (read more...)”

Discovered by: Jay Ray



hello mark

“New artist and dance-pop group Hello Mark have been well-established in their home country of Poland for some time but are still fairly new to the scene here in the States. Hailing from Poznan, Poland Hello Mark showcase a distinct – if not totally original – style that just makes you absolutely have to tap your foot to the beat. A thoughtful blend of synths, bass lines, a steady beat and engaging vocals means this is pop music that makes you want to just get up and move (read more...)”

Discovered by: Gui Alvim


To join the ranks of Pucken, BrianHadsell, Duffster, Jay Ray and Gui Alvim, submit your favorite New Finds to BitCandy today! If they like your style, they'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on their homepage, offer you the chance to write for their blog and maybe even earn you some cash if they sign your New Finds. Meanwhile, I have to go as Ellen wants to take another selfie! Her previous one may have got over 2 million retweets, but this is going to be off the charts. Let's just say, it involves a full length mirror, a white bathing suit and plenty of side boob!

Love Ellen's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 xXx 

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