Alright governor. This is the fake Chris Martin of Coldplay. As you may have already heard, me and my trouble and strife Gwyneth Paltrow have decided to separate, ahem, consciously uncouple. Thing is, I need all the bread and honey I can get to pay child support to Apple and Orange, so I'm desperate for any gig at the moment, such as appearing on The Voice or writing newsletters for BitCandy. So, without further ado, here are this week's five New Finds. Don't worry, they're nothing like Coldplay.




lights and motion

“Have you ever wondered what life would sound like if our emotions were emitted as music? Yeah, me neither. But Lights & Motion shows us that life would be pretty sweet if that were the case. Christoffer Franzén is the Swedish musician behind this one, and boy does he know how to make instrumental music. Think Angels & Airwaves without the Tom Delonge's nasal problem. He's been in the business for quite some time now, but the rest of the world is just catching onto his awesomeness now. I mean, one of his tracks was even featured in a recent Mark Wahlberg movie. Now that's cool (read more...)”

Discovered by: Robert Duffy



day three

“It seems like all the new artists in 2014 are coming out of Sweden. Is Sweden the new California?! I think YES! And it's oh, so exciting! Here's another mysteriously unknown artist that's sure to pump up the volume in your head and wake you up to some new sounds. If electro pop is your jam, Sweden's emerging artist Day Three is giving the genre a whole fresh look. Their uber cool name makes me love them already, and their soundcloud bio is even cooler. It reads, 'There is no time left. Our days are over. Welcome to hell.' But let's get into the important stuff now, THE MUSIC (read more...)”

Discovered by: Gui Alvim




“'Well screw me with a feather: I like a house song,' was the first thing I thought when I heard Elderbrook's single, 'Rewinding.' Granted it is an extremely chill, downtempo house song with intermittent syncopation (phew!), but a house song nonetheless. Being a die-hard drum and bass-head, it is normally my duty to scoff and snarl at anything straight beat, but Elderbrook is really intriguing, and upon listening to his other singles, he's definitely not attributable to one genre. Our curator Benny Urich has managed to bring us a surprising pick in Elderbrook (read more...)”

Discovered by: BennyUrich




“Trying to figure out the meaning of new artist Giraffage's name is a lot like trying to figure out the purpose of the giraffe. I mean there's not actually one, right? In the end Giraffage isn't something you over-think. Just listen to his music and let it take you to a dream-like state. Relax and let it wash over you. Then, before you know it, it'll overtake you. Giraffage is the moniker of San Franciscan twentysomething Charles Yin. Yin is a bedroom producer in the purist sense. When describing the creation of his debut album Needs, Yin told fans, 'I went through the worst time of my life and also the best time of my life while recording the songs on this album' (read more...)”

Discovered by: BrianHadsell




“From Sydney, Australia comes electronic-indie duo Mansionair. Members Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. They just joined Facebook on January 2nd of this year and already have well over 1,000 likes, and their first and only track so far, 'Hold Me Down,' has been on Soundcloud for just over a month and is already creating some serious (and well deserved) buzz (read more...)”

Discovered by: Jay Ray


To join the ranks of Robert Duffy, Gui Alvim, BennyUrich, BrianHadsell and Jay Ray, submit your favorite New Finds to BitCandy today. If they like your style, they'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on their homepage, offer you the chance to write for their blog, and maybe even earn you some bread and honey if they sign your Finds. Anywho, I have to go write a song about Gwyneth now. I should warn you, it might be a tad slow and depressing compared to usual. Oh wait.

Love Chris Martin xXx

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