Ugh. Is it the weekend yet? Honestly, April is seriously dragging for us. We know you hipsters want Friday to hurry up and get here so you and your daisy dukes can take on Coachella once and for all. Our underbutt is sponsored by McDonalds, Vanessa Hudgens style. Anyways, here's this week's five New Finds to get you through the next few days. Big up to the Curators who discovered Lapsley, F y f e, Marble Sounds, Young Summer and Molly Beanland. If you'd like to be a Curator, stay tuned!





“Say 'ello to 17 year-old Holly Fletcher aka Lapsley. Our main man Pavit B, brings you a special treat from Liverpool today and it comes in the form of this smooth croonin' blonde. Clearly embracing that down-tempo wave, she brings us in from the rough tides to the smooth shores. Gentle compassionate embrace - she's so young but she's got the vocal caress of seasoned mother...She's got that angelic voice tho if ya feel that she clearly singles out on 'Painter (Valentine)' (read more...)”

Discovered by: PavitB




“I have no idea what the spaces are supposed to represent in new artists f y f e's name, but I'm certain of this: Dude can make some seriously good music. The funkier offspring of Rhye and Washed Out, London-based f y f e is making lush soundscapes that are at once familiar, but like nothing you ever heard before. His voice is somewhere between Devandra Banhart and Ezra Koenig, and sounds as pure as the fresh driven snow. All hyperbole aside, this some amazing music that you owe it to yourself to hear (read more...)”

Discovered by: PavitB



marble sounds

“Do you ever have those moments in which you think your real life is actually just a lucid dream (h/t Vanilla Sky)? I do more often than I care to admit. I usually get this feeling when it feels like I've willed something into existence, i.e. those rare moments in which I am the marketer's key demographic. I most recently got this feeling when listening to new artist, Marble Sounds. I mean this band is pretty much the embodiment of everything I want out of a melodic indie outfit (read more...)”

Discovered by: Glitch



young summer

“For a minute there it looked Bobbie Allen's lone brush with fame was going to be being the hot, singing daughter of the 'other General' in the David Petraeus Scandal. But then she underwent the transformation to become new artist Young Summer and everything changed. Well not really, but the name change probably kept all non-asshole writers from mentioning her father's brush with infamy. Which is a good thing, because her music is great and should really speak for itself (read more...)”

Discovered by: Francis



molly beanland

“Anyone else sick of Grimes? I'm pretty sure without even seeing you that the 'ayes' have it on that one. She was fun for a minute, but really all the buzz, at least in my mind, was more about the ultra-freaky Brooke Candy rocking her weird calf-length pink dreds, metal catsuit and white contacts in the 'Genesis' video. It was freaky and fun, but I tire of Grimes' pale, elbowy ambient chittering. I wish there would come along a female singer/producer who was truly fun, and maybe could keep us from rolling our collective hipster eyes for more than 6 months, don't you? Enter Molly Beanland (read more...)”

Discovered by: Robert Duffy


To join the ranks of PavitB, Glitch, Francis, Robert Duffy and many more, submit your favorite New Finds to BitCandy today! If we like your style, we'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on our homepage, offer you the chance to write for our blog, and maybe even earn you some cash if we sign your New Finds. Anyways, time for us to get back to crunching our cheeks just in time for Coachella on Friday. We can't be looking like Miley Cyrus in our short shorts, can we now?

Love BitCandy xXx 

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