Good evening Staples Center, we're BitCandy, and since we're kind of a big deal around these parts, the Recording Academy have kindly invited us to present this year's Grammy Award for Best New Artist! So without further ado, the nominees are. Ed Sheeran?  Kacey Musgraves? You've got to be kidding us, right? Screw it, we're going home to jerk it, eat Cheetos and check out this week's five New Finds.




ellery james roberts

“It's barely been one year since leaving his much hyped Manchester-based band, Wu Lyf (and in turn, causing their disbandment), but frontman Ellery James Roberts is already back in action releasing new material. Wu Lyf's only album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, was a favorite amongst the Pitchfork crowd and his solo stuff will be just as much of a hit (read more...)”

Discovered by: Dalle00



midnight boy

“I still can't quite tell if new artist Midnight Boy is serious or not, and I'm not really sure if it matters. This group is unlike anything to have graced music in decades - I can't decide if Midnight Boy is parodying the 80s or just straight up living in them. If this is an homage, it is the most sincere and thoughtfully crafted homage I've seen in a long time (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster



the acid

“The Acid, - who, according to their Facebook page, are decidedly not from Berlin - are crafting a haunting hybrid between moody mellow rock and the heavy, ripe beats of ambient electronica. A special thanks to Pucken for bringing this unique new artist to our attention. It's not Earth-shattering stuff, but it's just new and different enough to keep things interesting (read more...)”

Discovered by: PavitB



great good fine ok

“The closest artists that new Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine OK sound like are M83 and Passion Pit - an almost uncanny mixing of the two, actually. You have the echoed, falsetto male vocals and fun, playful synths of Passion Pit layered over slightly more haunting mids and production levels that reek of M83 (reek in a good way, like fine room temperature brie) (read more...)”

Discovered by: Francis



dog orchestra

“Swedish duo Dog Orchestra deserves 100% of your attention RIGHT NOW. So turn off that porn, stop smoking whatever you're smoking, put the pizza away and get turned on by Dog Orchestra. Don't say I didn't warn you! For an emerging band with only 32 followers on Soundcloud, it's only a matter of days before the hipsters find out about them, so get on this (read more...)”

Discovered by: Jay Ray


To join the ranks of Dalle00, Duffster, PavitB, Francis and Jay Ray, submit your favorite New Finds to BitCandy today! If we like your style, we'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on our homepage, offer you the chance to write for our blog and maybe even earn you some cash if we sign your New Finds. Anyways, we've since arrived home from Staples Center, and don't tell anybody this, but we've scored Kacey Musgraves!

Love BitCandy xXx 

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