Hey girl. Damn, you're looking good today. Feel our sweater. It's made of boyfriend material. Oh, did somebody say it's Valentine's Day today? Maybe we could go for dinner, grab coffee at your place after, and see where the night takes us? No seriously, please say yes, we're kind of desperate. Hey girl. Where are you going? Sigh, it's looking like another Valentine's Day spent at home with this week's five New Finds and our imaginary girlfriend for company.





“Out of Melbourne, Australia comes 23 year old singer-songwriter Hayden Calnin. Not only can he play a wide variety of instruments, but he also has a degree in sound design which definitely shines through in his songs. This self-produced new artist's music is a beautiful blend of progressive folk and electronica, littered with dramatic vocals that would have made him a perfect fit for the series of Twilight soundtracks (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster



gent mason

“Gent Mason's soon-to-be-released single, 'Eden,' starts off with a chilled out analog dubstep beat that lulls the listener into thinking the new UK alt. crooner will be of the soft EDM ilk, like 501 or Unicorn Kid. Once the vocals begin however, it's quickly established that Gent Mason is firmly in the wheelhouse of R&B and Soul. Is it bothersome to me that whitey is one of the few R&B singers on the scene that I like (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster



erik hassle

“Erik Hassle is a captivating new artist out of Sweden that delivers carefully tailored, skin-deep pop hooks with a precision and ease that Robin Thicke should envy. A dozen or so adjectives jump to mind when you first hear Hassle: smooth, soulful, catchy – it's classic pop bred closely with an R&B sentimentality to create a unique and engaging sound that is pleasing to the ear even if it lacks much significant lyrical depth (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster



eye emma jedi

“I know what you're thinking 'any band with jedi in its name has to be good'. Well, that's not even the half of it. Yeah, they may have the coolest name in the history of band names, but there's more to them than that. Stop being so shallow! These Norwegian indie gods have been doing their thing for a while now but recently spent 100 days in Spain creating their debut album, '88. Props to Gui Alvim for discovering them (read more...)”

Discovered by: Gui Alvim




“Hailing from Metz, France, new artist and ambient electronic group MWTE can craft a soundscape like they were born doing it. Sometimes upbeat and surprisingly complex, MWTE's tracks are constantly evolving and never grow stale like so many electronic tracks. MWTE isn't just making music here, they're crafting whole worlds out of the noise, and they do it with flair, personality and an obvious dedication to their craft (read more...)”

Discovered by: Duffster


To join the ranks of Duffster, Gui Alvim and more, submit your favorite New Finds today. If we like your style, we'll make you a Curator, feature you and your artists on our homepage, offer you the chance to write for our blog, and maybe even earn you some cash if we sign your New Finds. Anyways, we're going to finish our Valentine's Day by watching The Notebook and crying into our bag of Doritos. If Ryan Gosling is a bird, how comes we're not a bird?

Love BitCandy xXx

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