On her Facebook page, London Singer/Songwriter/Producer lists an eclectic array of influences: "Pink. Melodic. Motivator. Beauty. Soul. Umbrellas. Satin. Dancing. Infinite. Finite too. Creamy. Vibrant. Promise. Etc. Feel. Spin. Real. Win. Bound. Tossed. Found. Lost. Fragile. Unbreakable. Music. Poetry. Clouds. Love. Did I say soul? ...and for good measure, once more, Pink."

It's a far cry from your usual professional musician's biography, which read more like a legal resume than a genome map of their musical passion. A list of seemingly unconnected descriptors is infinitely more exciting than these careerist laundry lists. Right off the bat, we can see Starling has something unique to say.

So does "Profiteroles" sound 'pink,' 'bound,' or 'unbreakable'? Yes, it does. Especially when you notice that many of Starling's influences are actually exact opposites - lost and found, fragile but unbreakable. "Profiteroles" exists in the middle-ground between these contradictions, with bouncing beats and subdued sub-bass underneath Starling's soulful, bell-like vocals.



"Profiteroles" sounds delicate and unguarded, personal and confessional, while simultaneously sounding tough, resilient, and, above all, catchy. This is largely due to the excellent production and arrangements; sparse and skeletal while still sounding full and well-rounding. "Profiteroles" brings to mind the excitement of early Lorde, particularly "Royals," with a similar feeling of discovery of such an emerging talent.

"Profiteroles" strikes the balance between stripped-back elegant minimalism and lavish, lush Top 40 Pop. The verses could play in some smoky, neon-lit nighclub, but the chorus is built for summer drives with the window down. Taken together, it achieves the Holy Grail Of Pop Music. It's good, clean, escapist fun while also revealing something intimate and personal of the person who made it.

"Profiteroles" is Starling's first release since last year's promising The Body EP. That short statement was a hell of a start, and this time around, her latest track is an equally exciting progression, with a similar lushness and pop sensibility. Starling's showing more restraint, in her songwriting and production. "Profiteroles" is minimalist funky soul pop, exercising restraint while still exuding confidence and optimism.

Starling is one to keep an eye on, that is for sure. Take it from us, here at We Are: The Guard. We dig for talented artists all day, every day. Starling has what it takes. She'll me migrating from London any moment, just you watch, wait, and see. Until then here’s a peek at footage for “Profiteroles.”



Profiteroles be rollin’ to you Friday

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