Norwegian producer duo Lemaitre take us into orbit, with the crushing bass and lighter-than-air vocals from Maty Noyes

The Oslo-based producers Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund take their name from Georges Lemaitre, who put forward the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory posits that all of creation, and all of the Universe’s mechanisms, derive from nothing, hurtling outward like a grand cosmic pinball machine.



Lemaitre apply this principle to Bass Music and club-friendly Pop Music, with thick basslines and catchy vocals, hooky piano chords, and the slightest trace of experimental production flourishes - ghostly orchestral ambiance and a brief drum ‘n bass break in the outro.

In 2017, Club Pop and what-formerly-was-known-as-Dubstep might not seem like much; wobble bass and anthemic vocals might’ve been cutting-edge in 2007, but these sounds can be heard in pretty much any car commercial or Wachowski film. Much like the elements which emerged from The Big Bang, the components may be elementary, but how they are used can allow for some real brilliance. Lemaitre’s production is totally on point, with the bass being nicely yoked to the beat, never overwhelming the mix. The fierce sub-bass makes a perfect launching pad for Maty Noyes’ guest vocals, best known for collaborating with The Weeknd on “Angel."

There’s also a sweet video for “Higher,” showing Noyes being trained to be an assassin, riding a mop like a pony, etc. etc.



youtube It’s great stuff! We’ve been digging for a while, at We Are: The Guard, and it sounds as good with the breezy onset of fall as in the sweat and turmoil of summer. Get hipped!

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