We Are: The Guard is happy to turn the focus to some of our local artists here in sunny Los Angeles. “Enemy” is the newest release from LA local Oliver Tree and Windy City-native Whethan. It is guaranteed to be something that you are not used to listening to on a regular basis.



youtube Gazing at his press photos and cover art, you draw a rather clear conclusion about the eccentricity of Oliver Tree. Donning a bowl haircut, bright-colored suits, and circa 1980s track jackets, Tree is nothing short of being one odd cookie. Of course, not only does he stand out for his edgy fashion choices, his music is also unlike anything we’ve ever heard. Working with long-time collaborator Wheathan (also known for his work with Charlie XCX and Flux Pavillion), has shaped the song in a way that’s bending all sorts of genres— smoothly blending punk, funk, and edm. It’s weirdly wonderful.

“Enemy” is a versatile sounding track with a heavy dose of synthesizers and a method of vocal distortion that reminds one of indie icon Ty Segall. Of course, it doesn't maintain the same grudgy and hard-nosed guitar riffs as a Segall-led song, but the vocal delivery is most definitely a happy coincidence. Telling the story of a heated rivalry, “Enemy” is the power anthem you need. With so much packed into two minutes, it is worth further review and examination to truly absorb the overall madness that is pure genius.