jesse saint john Fakes It Until He Makes It On "FAKE IT."

There's a lot of talk of authenticity, these days. It's no wonder, with so much of our daily interactions happening online, where we could be arguing with a Russian troll or a super sophisticated AI, for all we new. Nigerian Prince scams, catfishing, they've got us all freaked out! We don't know what's real anymore. So we go looking for it.

This Grail Quest for the real sometimes pushes us too far in the other direction. The meteoric rise of Instagram is the perfect case-in-point, where everybody's supposedly sharing intimate moments of their daily lives yet are always perfectly done up, tanned, fit, plucked, and smiling. This is broadcast as reality, which we strive to emulate in our everyday life.

Which is, of course, a recipe for disaster. Not every day is a Palm Beach vacation. Not every evening is a pyrotechnic display of eye-melting emotion. Life would probably be a special kind of hell, if it were.

L.A.'s jesse saint john returns with his newest single, "FAKE IT," encouraging us to do just the opposite. With jesse saint john's infectious blend of synthpop, futuristic beats, and shoutalong choruses, he encourages us to "go through the motion of emotion, "fake it until we feel it."

With "FAKE IT” jesse saint john contributes his thougths, “FAKE IT continues the themes that I explore in my work of yearning for something more and searching for depth in a generation of shallow connections and instant gratification. Sonically I'm super inspired by fusing pop and bloghaus. It's important to keep dancing while asking the tough universal questions. If you stop dancing life gets sad."



You won't have to fake how you feel about "FAKE IT," however. jesse saint john's follow-up to the equally moving "Move" is so addictive it should come with a warning label. There's something here for absolutely everybody, from the Popheads to the OG rap fanatics and even emo kids being spoken for, in the gang vocals and feeling of solidarity.

All together, these factors are going to swell the ranks of jesse saint john 's already brimming fanbase. In short order, jesse saint john  has become an icon of LA's LGBTQIA+ community. He has a voice that can speak to anybody, cultivated co-writing hit singles for Britney Spears and Charli XCX.

jesse saint john's last single, "Move," has racked up over 200,000 plays on Spotify in a scant two months, earning him over 20,000 subscribers along the way. That horde is going to be in ecstasy with "FAKE IT." You'd be advised to come join and sing along.

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