We’re obsessed with MXMS. Have been since the first day they came across our desk. The self-dubbed “funeral pop” duo has crafted the kind of hauntingly dark pop songs that get in your brain and stick there like depression, unable to shake off no matter how much sunshine or puppy dogs you subject yourself to. Singer Ariel Levitan and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson are quite simply our new favorite masters of goth. But this blurb isn’t about them. Not by a long shot. We’ve already covered their songs quite extensively on the site (check out our review of the original mix from Oct 2018) and are here instead with this remix from producer CABLE to move onto something totally new.

Ain’t that what good remixes are for? A version that changes the tune just far enough that it feels fresher than a pack of spinach at the farmers market? Hell to the yeah.

So We Are: The Guarders, it’s time to meet. CABLE


The Nashville bass Producer has got a bevy of astonishingly heavy tunes, some killer key art, and not a whole lot of information out there about him. What we do know is that he’s turned MXMS’ heavy tune into a banger that’ll turn the club (any club) upside down (and I do mean THE upside down from Stranger Things). This is a remix for the ages, that’s for sure.

Cable’s remix of “Gravedigger” blends MXMS’ goth electro with bits of trance, house and bass music into something so furiously catchy that it could be played out by just about any DJ out there. With the hardest snares, I’ve heard outside of an Eric Prydz set, leading the way for Levitan’s vocals, CABLE has made this jam intensely danceable.

While the original has pop songwriting written all over that, CABLE seems to care more about mood, ratcheting the song up and up until his signature bass rattle takes over in the last act.  Sometimes the original works as is, but other times, you just need a   version to play. CABLE solves this problem, in such a way that it's impossible to not get behind. On repeat.

You can stream/download “Gravedigger” remixed by CABLE here.