For those who’ve found their way here thinking there was new music from S4LEM, the trio that turned America on to the underground genre of witch-house, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend. There’s no witch here. Unless you consider the absolutely bewitching vibes of our new favorite indie pop vocalist. Salem Davern is an incredibly style-conscious (seriously, check her Insta), Bay Area bred, Boston-based singer who’s taken our offices by absolute storm. Is it raining talent in here or is it just us? 

“Bad Word” is a catchy little number, that has us unable to stop singing the lyrics to ourselves, and humming the melody in grocery stores and uber rides. Seriously, people are getting annoyed. “What is this ‘Bad Word’ song, you keep singing?” “You’ll see,” we respond, with a twinkle in our eye, waiting patiently for release day. Following up her previous single, “Impatient,” this one has more of those slightly morose pop vibes that we’ve come to be absolutely obsessed with lately. 

Salem captures the kind of energy perfect when you’re sad, and you’re still singing happy songs to try and cheer yourself up. This is upbeat tunes for upset people.



The bubbly production is misleading, making way for lyrics filled with pain and anxiety. For a college student, Salem has such quite the grasp on her emotions. We’re on the ride, feeling all of them with her. We feel pain when you feel pain, boo.

With the “Bad Word” being love … it’s all the more heartbreaking. I’d say that here’s hoping things get better for her, but with a release like this, it’s almost a guarantee.

Check out the full lyric video below and feel free to sing your heart out!




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