New Radiohead : "Staircase"


So it seems Radiohead's plan right now is to have no plan at all. Releasing eighth studio album "The King of Limbs" after zero notice (and a pretty unconventional album at that too - it was a humble half hour in length and introduced us to an abstract new sound favouring samples over Greenwood's Starcaster)... unloading two further new tracks on Record Store Day ("The Butcher" and "Supercollider")... disseminating newspapers worldwide for no apparent reason ("The Universal Sigh")... there is just no sense to anything right now in Radiohead-camp (seriously, someone sit down with these guys and draw up a timetable, dammit). Anyway, so today, when I awoke to a 'surprise' new song by these zany Oxford-ites it was, well, not actually that surprising at all...

Titled "Staircase," a live performance of the new track has been uploaded by sticksman Phil Selway, and has been snipped from upcoming BBC broadcast, "From the Basement" -- which will see Radiohead perform "The King of Limbs" in its entirety.

While "Staircase" focuses in on a groovy rhythm section -- helped by additional drummer in the form of Clive Deamer, from jazz-rock quartet, Get the Blessing -- and is drenched in glorious synths, all ala "KOL," it is actually treated with a less abstract approach to the album's material, and comes with a more immediate, lenient hook. Check it out below.