New Videos - Tyler the Creator and Nas


Wednesday morning brings you two videos stemming from seemingly opposite ends of the hip hop spectrum (have you seen this blog post's photo already!?). First, enjoy the dorky visual-pewk of Tyler and the Creator, and then clean yourself up with the nostalgic hip hop-braggery of Nas. 

Tyler the Creator - Bitch Suck Dick

Tyler the Creator continues to dominate the alternative press headlines today with the new flick for 'Bitch Suck Dick' -- one of the more forgettable tracks from hipster-preached LP, 'Goblin.' This Technicolor puppy of a video (directed by Wolf Haley himself) sees Tyler continue to indulge in his love for goofy, Tim and Eric public-access graphics and tie dye. Hate Odd Future? Prepare to hate them a little more…

Nas - Nasty

Following the hyperactive nonsense visuals of 'Bitch Suck Dick,' Nas reminds us all what it means to be traditionally 'swag' with the new video for 'Nasty,' taken from upcoming LP, 'Life is Good.' Expect shots of an ice-laden, cigar-smoking, model-accompanying Nas kicking back in a car, interspersed with the charitable (ahem conceited) rapper walking down a street handing rings and wads of cash to jovial children and wheel chaired men...

Nas - "Nasty" Music Video ( from Nasir Jones on Vimeo.