Night Terrors of 1927 "Dust and Bones"


Depending on my mood, I sometimes find myself overly caught up in thinking about a band's name. All it really is is a signifier, and as the likes of Pavement, Youth Lagoon, and Badly Drawn Boy have proven, they're really irrelevant as to whether or not the music will be any good.

And yet I can't help thinking that a band name like Night Terrors of 1927 is either 100% amazing or a 100% really shitty band name.  Like that guy Get Cape. Wear Cape. either love the artist name or hate it. But if you're not a judgmental dipshit like myself then you can just sit back and let the band's music speak for itself.

And when you listen to this Latest New Song from this aforementioned LA band, you realize that they could be called anything short of an ethnic slur and you'd probably be ok listening to their music.   

Regardless...yeah, we're totally loving their music.  Check out the swelling majesty of "Dust and Bones" below:

You can buy "Dust and Bones" over at iTunes right offing now. 

If you want to hear the other two songs these chaps have released, check out their soundcloud page.

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