Best New Tracks: NO "Stay With Me"


What do love-sick crash test dummies dream of? You might think that they dream of the earlier 90's back when "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" was topping the charts, but you'd be wrong. As our anti-goole seach friends over at NO (our favorite new L.A. band) show us in their newest video, "Stay With Me."

Confused as to just what the hell I'm talking about? Well, check out today's Latest Music Tracks below.

"Stay With Me" is NO's first music video. Their début EP is still available to be claimed for whatever amount you want to pay over at their band camp page.

(We're still of the opinion that you should at least pay something for it. If nothing else give them a dollar. If you don't have a dollar to spare, I'll loan you one.)

As of press time, the band confirmed that both crash test dummies are safe, and still very much in love.


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