Oh Land Wastes $100,000 on New Video


There's one thing I've learned.  Glamorous polished Images, bikinis and / or high production backdrops while still trying to be credible cool are all combined a hard mix to swallow...or at least to pull off right.  Give credit to Karen O and Peaches and Bjork for rocking styles and concepts that are unforced, cool, smart and the cutting edge.  Which is quite the opposite of what's happening in the new Oh Land video "White Nights."

Yeah, I get that this video is all about "White Nights," dream sequences and the Scandinavian winters (and sometimes summers) going to sleep at midnight yet it's still sunshine outside (that's how the dawn and dusk roll in Sweden).  But it kinda is a turn off.  Like how much did this video cost ... I'm guessing $75-100,000 minimum.  Yikes 

There's no mystery here to Oh Land rather this video seems to be 'all out' ... like the girl that has too much make up on and the shortest skirt. One things for sure it seems she revisited the set of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" and a few others.  Oh Land.  Oh Well.