Hey You! Audition to be Our Video Blogger


Casting Call! If you’ve been rejected by Hollywood don’t sweat it darling, today might be your lucky day. BitCandy is hiring a video blogger(s). Or perhaps more precisely, someone who can fucking rock the camera without putting us to sleep. We’re looking for someone who is interested in sharing their opinions about all things related to indie music. Someone who can push buttons and stir commotion by reinterpreting our blog posts or developing interesting industry stories and who is comfortable ambushing people. Someone who wants to be paid for keeping their clothes on in front of the camera or not.

Please helps us to not have puppets do our video blogging.  

One of BitCandy’s principals is the notion of doing things on the fringe side. Candidates should be familiar with what we do here at BitCandy. So, we are looking for someone who is naturally edgy and does things some may consider as weird. This sweet opportunity is to be approached with a witty/intelligent sense of humor and a killer attitude. 

We have the site locked and loaded, now all we need is the perfect marriage with that one or two special face(s). So if you have some sort of video recording device with a microphone (iPhones might work) you’ve almost met half our expectations.

We’re not picky and we don’t ask for much, but we do have a list of must haves for our ideal candidate. For one of the vlogging positions:

High personality is a must

Indie knowledgeable (DUH!)

Highly charismatic + offensive + snobby + polarizing + OPINIONATED.  

Think “High Fidelity” attitude. In short: MAKE US WANT TO LISTEN AND WATCH YOU. We want viewers to either really love you or really hate you.

call me shallow...

For the second position, we’re looking for something more along the lines of, how do you say...visually stimulating. Someone who meets all the above requirements plus as a bonus:

Sexy female or male “Silverlake/Echo Park” hipster who's not a douche.

Smart/attractive (or weirdly attractive or ugly) and highly opinionated

Music nerd per se

Basically an indie hottie who can make indie girls and boys drool and go weak in their knees.

What’s in it for you: We give you the freedom to be as creative as you want, the crazier the better. Plus you can work from anywhere. You’ll have the opportunity to have your videos seen by people that you want to see them. And, you’ll be paid up to $30.00 (maybe more depending...) for creating high quality and entertaining 1-2 min videos. If you already have an established following, we’re willing to pay you more.  Added bonus can also be press credentials in covering shows.  

Still interested? Great! to apply, simply create a short video, reinterpret one of our blog posts, or make your own snarky editorial and email it to us: bitcandymusic@gmail.com (either via file transfer or upload privately (or not) on your own YouTube or Vimeo). You can also send other existing YouTube video blogging examples that show your persona. Prior video blogging experience is a plus, but not required, as well as decent camera equipment (hint...this can be an iPhone5).

So if you think you have what it takes to become BitCandy’s video blogger send in your video. We swear to you we won’t be selling your audition tapes to The Casting Couch without your permission. We’re excited to see what you got.