There can be something so simple in a powerful song. A message transposed across radio waves (or cellular towers), captured in rhythm, beat and lyric. Today We Are: The Guard has the pleasure of bringing you a look at Overcoats’ “The Fool,” a song that has a whole hell of a lot to say in not a lot of time. I’ve got the feels after listening to this one, though I’m not exactly sure what.

“The Fool” is rife with uncertainty. The feeling of not knowing where you stand against other people. Am I the fool? Or are the other parties involved? These two singers capture anxiety brilliantly, offering a glimpse of what could be if we really stand up for what we feel we need for ourselves. A moment of flux change ill-ease. The music video captures this all brilliantly, as we watch the band cut their hair and shave their heads. How are we supposed to feel? I’m not entirely positive. Do we feel it anyway? You bet.   



The Brooklyn duo of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell have brought some scope to their sound with this new single. “The Fool,” captures this near-perfect middle ground between folk, punk and electronic that basically all acts should be striving for. Overcoats seem to have shifted their sound up a couple of notches in order to create something huge with a more universal appeal, all while sticking firmly to their laser-focused (on feelings, that is) guns.

Synths underly a Matt & Kim style punk and pop synergy, with dual vocals really pumping this one up into anthem territory. Overcoats are currently handling opening duties for Two Door Cinema Club.


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