“Despite All Crazy” is the ultimate love letter you can ever write to yourself. Indie songstress Paria opens up about that extra someone we all live with, you know, the one that lurks inside us waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Who is that creeper living in the shadows? Our alter ego of course. Some of us do a great job at keeping it asleep while others, myself included, get overpowered and then when you least expect it, BAM! The little rascal appears and steals the show. Rather than feel powerless over not being in control, the Iranian singer songwriter Paria suggests to embrace that nasty beast and let it do it’s thing because when we are at our worst, we need to let our best do the rest. Y’all can quote me on that :) (although I would hate to steal the credit from Paria who does an eloquent job at saying it better than moi). So basically, why not tell your nasty self to come out and play.

“Teach me how to do better
I'm making the same mistakes yeah
Taking off the pressure
Before it ruins me
No no no not ever
Never going back again,
Don't care but side effect
Long as I breathe the same air as u
Teach me how to face it
When I fuck up daily
And when I wake up early
Cause I feel guilty
That I'm not good enough
Say that I am wrong
And that you'll deal with me
Despite all crazy.”



“Despite All Crazy” satisfies all aspects of a bedroom pop banger while at the same time serving as a pop anthem that can easily be identifiable with mainstream listeners. The single puts a whole new positive perspective on being kinder to ourselves, more loving… and to help drive the lyrics is a climatic chorus that is undeniably craved in these gloomy unprecedented times.

Keep an eye out for Paria’s debut LP dropping later this year.

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