Mike Hadreas gets dancier and poppier than ever with his Perfume Genius project on "Pop Song"!

Mike Hadreas' Perfume Genius project has been a gradual descent into poppiness. 2010's Learning was an exercise in delicacy, with Hadreas' vocals floating like Chinese lanterns over gorgeous slivers of nearly classical piano. By the time 2012's Put Your Back N 2 It, Hadreas had re-invented themselves as a kind of neoclassical pop diva, welding their beatific piano pop to a dancey 21st Century club music.



With that in mind, Hadreas' newest project makes perfect sense. For Perfume Genius' newest project, Hadreas collaborated with choreographer and dance company The YC on the project The Sun Still Burns Here, which debuted in Seattle earlier in October.

Hadreas compared his pop-infected IDM to a sacrificial pile of bodies. "I imagined an ecstatic pile of bodies preparing to be consumed by the gods. A joyous communal sacrifice of the physical to spiritually level up. The lyric is like a conjuration spell to be sung when the mountain of bodies settles in position and is held still as an offering.”

The Sun Still Burns Here is also a collaboration with Alan Wyffels, costume stylists cuniform, Art Director Andrew J.S. and Production Designer Amiya Brown.

The Sun Still Burns Here will go on tour in January of next year. Stay tuned to see if The Sun Still Burns Here will be coming to your town. We Are: The Guard can't wait to catch it ourselves. 


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